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ATC korttien vaihtoa
Vaihdoin Blastoise korttini Vaporeoniin swap-botissa. Odottelen paria muutakin randomia korttia vaihdokeiksi...
Mutta tässä mun saatavilla olevat kortit vaihtoon:

Tänään tein Harry Potter chibin ja nuo silmät...
Olen vähän kipeä, ja taideblokki pitää vähän erossa tekemästä miljoona uutta atc:ta...

blogger is so much better. I can customize it more and add pictures easier.
I think in two years I've written so much there.
Since I was recently banned from Listia, I started playing games on my iPhone 6 and facebook platform.
I don't do much else

Long time no see. I've moved, I have a boyfriend... not much succesful at anything, but I guess I don't lack anything.
Started smoking a year ago. Should lessen that. Not sure if this journal is still even on google results. lol... pretty dead here. Watching the walking dead season 3 atm. (netflix)
I don't have much to write about. I do my twitter now and then and instagram... also my blogger in Finnish (which disappeared twice yesterday due to some server issues)
idk... everything is pretty much on my blog on site kajsablom.com
It's like returning to a jail cell and everybody's dead... ok maybe watching walking dead too recently... but it's not much fun to be here since I got my diagnosis because of my writings here.
So excuse me for not being overjoyed at writing here.
If you need to know how I'm doing, just send an email, use ask.fm/kitujainen or send me an instagram comment,,, add me on facebook, whatever... or send a snapchat to kajsa88 or... well, I'm usually here.
Just got a new iphone 6.

Hiya babes. long time no C
Been sending a lot of snailmail lately... post cards, letters...
and I got engaged. I have a birthday sooner or later, or pretty soon one and a half weeks time...
I have school couple of days of the week. It's some sort of recovery school taken after some NHS programme from the UK. bleh
And umpfff... I've been knitting scarves and making bead jewellery like charms and necklaces. Not sold anything yet! though!
I'm on two injections now of drugs, hopefully getting rid of the first one. Hmm... Yes, that one on which several people have experienced over 50 kilos weight gain, including myself.
But hey.. as long as depression meds keep me happy and I can still look in the mirror... that's a miracle, peoples.
Hum...yes. This morning sucked, because I had to find my mobile phone from under the refridgerator and was a bit late from an appointment with a social worker. I wonder what they will achieve with that since I'm there only 5 minutes and we don't talk much.
Aaaanyways, also comments on my kitujainen.com blog sucked cock, so I had a fucking annoying afternoon. It got better calming down and having a video chat with my fiancé (I don't know if men are called fiancés, duh)
And it's been a happy day considering all the shit in my life like being called fat and ugly and stupid every day on my blog, which I know I'm not, but someone just has some kind of grudge on me? I don't publish the comments, but bohoo.
Yo, fat ass cow cunt. I watched Precious the movie today and it made me feel small. Compared to some States obese folk, I am tiny. I can still get my thighs back, if I wanted too and wasn't so passivésized
uhuu. cum. I was just going to test how much cursing I could fit into this post whether lj peoples would notice and ban my whole account (surely not because of swearing, though??)
I just have not read this in years, this livejournal acc, and if you asked me while I had food in my mouth or distracted, I could just say the Hell with this journal, delete it, I *don't care*...
so how did you find my journal??? though. are you a bot? are you still a friend? Well, I can tell you I came here today to write because I still get a notification of someone's birthday once in a while.
So, happy birthday me, on my mid-twenties and over. Not a grudge has passed, since I spent my best years in mental health *CARE*
recovering my ass. I've been myself this all the time and somehow I get glimpses back what my life was like through maybe I dunno... a workout song playlist, or some hidden gem I find statemenst in my cupboards or whatever storage I have full of stuff, that is not current anymore. Behold my writing skills... I heard my English was fantastic from my teacher, from another teacher...
I guess so. Oh thee thou art in my blog reading, since I shall not return in a long while, again... I promise this was just a visit, which I can't repeat ever so often, almost never-like, yea yea. byeh
10101010101010. cough.

A blast which I had last night
Wow, lj has really changed since I was here last time! I have my blogger that I write every day, so mostly forgotten about this one... I have the app but it usually crashes and doesn't save too long posts.
So, I came here because I was invited to some lj group. Last night I was drinking and partying a lot and I have the armband and headache to prove it. People who I were with, were nice and my fb friend complimented I'm an interesting person and I write in an unique way whatever comes to my mind etc. It's the only blog she follows, and I've perhaps heard that from others as well? The anons are just so mean, I had to disable the comments again :-/
Going to London in a few days. Glad I didn't get sick when I didn't have much on except a short-sleeved dress.
I actually feel a bit sick now. I should stop. Sorry my lj friends for not hanging around too much

barely nothing
Going tomorrow to Hki to get rid of my dimple scar tissue... from that piercing gone wrong.

Visited myfitnesspal in a long while today and made a friend from instagram. Eaten a bit over 500 kcals accoring to that. And it's already nearly 4pm :D

I hope I just get back safe, since I don't have a lot of money to buy a train ticket..I hope it will cost less than 30euros for a retired person... i get it half price

I've been doing well for a long time now.

There was the first thunder storm of summer yesterday. I saw lighting just across my yard almost.

let anxiety flow through you and think what it's for..
I've had a painful sore red throat for a week. This morning in five hours or so I will call and ask what they found in there...
I came on lj because it seems some of my revenue is coming from here, when I have the banners on my kitujainen.com blog.
Dunno whatsapp with that, lols. I can't really laugh again or swallow, or yawn... it hurts meh.
It's half past two a.m. and I can't sleep. Must have been napping too much lately or drank energy drink last nite.
It's alchohol that's bloated me a bit last two days. I don't too much, mind, but then I drink like jägermeister and chardonnay and stuffs. It only cost me 100e to get 6kg of liquor from Estonia (viinikauppa.com), I think. Went to fetch them yesterday in a 30-min walk from here, from a truck, and got the bus to centrum.
I missed school yesterday I just feel so ill with my throat and I can't do much. I was supposed to meet my psychiatrist/doctor but she don't want to see me unless there are some changes, or... I don't know like I really need to... like I would need to see that kind of doctor it always makes me anxious what they have to say about me. A couple times a year seem enough. For me, for her, I don't know what purposes?
Ugh, I accidentally spent 22e to a suscription on grammarly.com because I did not cancel it on time. suxx. I guess I could check my text on it but I want to see the mistakes too.
I just wrote enough I think. Love me or hate me you can't deport me. I'm English... yeaaaaaa. lady sovereign.

(no subject)
My piercing has got infected. It's not oozing green fluids anymore, but my cheek is swollen and I'm afraid the barbell will get stuck inside, because it's not tall enough after all the swelling.
I got the dimple piercing on Tuesday and now it's my third day on antibiotics.

I made mashed potatoes today and yesterday. My fridge is full of food, but I don't feel like it's even safe to be eating.
Bought some hair extension clip-on's yesterday and people liked them.

what's up interwebs
I've had flu now for two times in a row.. it's very slimey and coughey...
I was interviewed for some restaurant chef's profession's preparation study course
My friends who have made some songs and perfomed, are back together, yay
I kind of took to myself their general management job.
I'm here at the place where I'm supposed to teach English for a group of young adults and they have an Olympics studio here.. they're throwing the image on a wall with a projector
I am not that interested in hockey
Sure Finland is good, I heard one guy saying he's prepared his whole life for getting a place in a team
I can't find much to write about... sure I ate half a jar of nutella last night and it showed in my weight. I am pretty grossed out about that

heard of me? good
I don't really have any long stories in English anywhere... I just write my "brain fart" texts in Finnish on blogger...
but I could fix that. If I got someone to teach a bit of English to aid them in their own studies... because that would teach me, too! I mean, I should know a little bit of everything from each type of level of students, right? Not teach too hard stuff for beginners and not use so difficult words. Basically, it would be fun. I mean, not just teaching, but also cleaning or taking out owner's dogs. I would be so great if I got any job opportunity. I applied to those and made a profile on tendea.fi...
I can only make so much money in a year, but that wouldn't actually count, yes?
I actually came here because someone had moved from this journal to my blog through a link, perhaps.. I thought it ws time I gave some of my time to this place, as well... even though I dislike livejournal A LOT. or used to, anyway...

Been cleaning this morning, maybe forty-five minutes to desinfect my bathroom with chlorine, hoover the dust and little mock, and go through the floors with a wet rag.

I think it is my dialect, Tavastian dialect, that kind of moves my speech and text a bit into a different thing altogether. because Finns who live in the middle of Finland, are slow.
I have had a flu for over a week and one evening I had temperature... but the slime is pretty stuck to my throat and nose canal.. I still have to cough it out and blow my nose every once in a while. It sucks, but at least my voice is back... kind of, at that.

I am so cold. I sit still too much time. Sometimes I go on my balcony to have a smoke and it's freezing, almost too freezing to even go out. I should move a little bit. I just got an aerobic stepper (I live on the fifth floor with no elevator) and I should get my fitness level a bit higher so it would be easier for me to get out and back into the house... or my flat actually, which is as I wrote, quite high up.

IT WOULD BE totally easy to write about anything in English. Maybe even easier than in Finnish, because really I think about things in both language too and perhaps mix them up in my written Finnish... this is why I never graduated, my essay and text skill were so poor!

On Chrismas I played Pokemon X through. Now I haven't played it. I even sold my wii with it's games. It came to use in a family with kids, and I got a good review on huuto.net (auction site online) that it worked, and indeed was put to good use. I guess it might help with English as well?  It's not like they make those games in Finnish, right?
I know a couple gamemakers from Finland.Angry Birds (Rovio) and Hay Day ...(from Helsinki anyway) of which I've played Hay Day more on my iPhone. I got a working iPhone 4 32Gt from my friend in London. It is he who I visited in July last year... We still chat on skype often.

Went to the movies yesterday. Today only watched a bit of Charmed. I started the series from Netflix 52 weeks ago, or, a year ago to be excact... and I am only on the 7th Season! #charmedmemories

It was an exciting drama yesterday, Prisoners... very unmemorable name for a movie, in my opinion. My friend called me later this morning as to was the boy with a ten year-old's IQ innocent, or what was his part... but no, I think he lured in the two girls and... well I guess you must see the movie yourself. He just wanted to play.

oki, bye I will never get tired of writing, I just need a break... I've been so informative, it... well takes a toll, lol I gotta go

Carnt sleep well,cuz moon is full well nah

Ate some crap chocolate a box of it and now horrendous pooping time.. After laxatives. I will die if I gain weight
Disinfected bathroom finally, got a Christmas candelabra and a dragon necklace...
It's been snowing and maybe I need a new winter jacket..gotta pay stuff out of the way first
It's full moon, yay


Where wouldn't I get into

I just updated to iOS 7 with my new 32Gt black iPhone 4. Got it from my London friend. It think I saw slush snow today?
Went shopping in different places. Sweet day but have to start again with the phone...


I don't piss glitter anymore
Whoa sorry about not updating the lj I hate so much lols. I've been writing to my kajsablom.com blog and twitter etc...
I was abroad in London for a week and a lot of other stuff. This autumn I stepped up my plate and cleaned at home my surroundings.

I'm at grandparents now. Soon they've finished all the apples from them two apple trees and tomatos have finished growing etc. The food is great and stress is less. I have actually proper poops now.

This month has my my birthday day in it towards end.
So much stuff happens I can't just pick some and write about whatever I think means anything. Old stuff comes back to haunt and there's so much I still don't know how to do.

Percepting like a boss

I was just reading an ebook on how to think like Sherlock Holmes. I think that thinking ruined my life. Never think like a child when you are judged by those who studied psychology. Hell even police do not understand if you still think like a child. That means absorbing everything and accepting stuff. Even for asecond in your mind you have to imagine stuff. Because just because you wrote it dont mean you told your opinion of the way things are. Even a long sentence wont give you the right to make an opinion of me..i could have any material that i picked it up from. Nothing is necessarily authentic. I mean, i was upset and found no reason why i was being cut off with anything related to this Finnish band. I tried to find the reason within myself, but this didnt seem right. Any memory of mine what did it have to do with them? I draw them and had pictures of the singer, but my talent was rejected. I was not a fan. They disincluded me from everything. I wasnt the disaccotiating one. They called me schizoprenic and undermined if i was really there because they didnt know where i had been. What i had discussed or even actually read so they just interpreted like i was nothing.
Even the psychologist thought there was something in the lyrics that someone else invented which i thought had meaning of experience to me. Because no one believed i was writing anything to their forum or sent them anything which had made me angry because i only got a response as on their marketing material, a blank paper then rumbled on the background.
Well i am still trying to figure it out why i was so angry, defeated and misunderstood.. I just took stuff in, i guess words bounced off me, i couldnt finish anything and big part of my life was missing but i did turn to gym, swimming and walking a lot which of course were discarded that i strived toward a healthy weight and after ssri drugs they pumped me in, i wasnt even enjoying food but ate fast and a lot because the risen appetite. I was in silent tears. My life changed so much. No more mum to take care of the damage she had dumped on earth..as i learnt from early age she did not love me. Uncabable to approach men i was.


Family stuff

My grandmother is bringing some mattresses if someone would stay the night and my friend's bed is gnawed by the dog so I'm bringing her a new mattress. My little brother has a birthday soon and bought a toy shop gift card for them. He'll be 12? Anyways... Dyed my brows and lashes, bought a new corset, got a cycling helmet... It's great. I've got projects in the kitchen too.
I was just.. Thought occurred whether my brother is too old for toys. He suscribed to my YouTube.. Well soon he could visit without my mum being there. Not spoken since 2009 to her.
I don't have lots to update.. It's my life



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